By purchasing a home here you have become a member of both the Montgomery Village Foundation and the Stedwick Homes Corporation.  The Stedwick Homes Corporation is a non-profit organization consisting of you and your neighbors in the Stedwick portion of the Village.  Together, we all own the greenspace, streets, public lighting, storm drains, and other community areas surrounding your property.

The primary purpose of the Stedwick Homes Corporation is the management and maintenance of commonly-owned property in our community.  The streets, sidewalks, paths, greenspace and plantings, lights, and storm drainage systems are owned and maintained by the Stedwick Homes Corporation.  These properties belong to all of us.  Their care is the concern of all who live here, and it is out assessment dollars that pay for their upkeep.

The homes corporation's affairs are managed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine members who are elected by the community (one vote per dwelling unit).  These directors volunteer their time to serve the community.  The Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month (except July and December) at 7:30 p.m. at the Stedwick Community Center (located at 10401 Stedwick Road, overlooking the Stedwick Pool).  The first portion of each meeting is devoted to Resident's Time, which is your opportunity to bring ideas and concerns to the attention of the Board.


Meet The Stedwick Homes Corporation Team


Meet the Members of the Stedwick Homes Corporation Board

of Directors and the management team.

Dana Hollis


Member of the Board

Kal-El Waters-Jones

Vice President

Member of the Board




Member of the Board

Cliff Bailey

Brenda Hartwig

Nancy Horn

Watercolor Brush 19

Member of the Board

Member of the Board

Member of the Board

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Audrey Houser




Member of the Board


Community Manager

Member of the Board


Corporate Secretary

Member of the Board

Susan Yoffe

Recording Secretary

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Watercolor Brush 19

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD