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Post Lamp Reimbursement Policy

In accordance with the established Covenant, the Homes Corporation is obligated to the maintenance and repair of the lighting system. The Covenants states that each private dwelling unit within the Stedwick Homes Corporation will be reimbursed if they supplied energy to the post lamps.

It is noted that several post lamps exist to furnish light near the resident’s front door. These lamps are not considered community lighting and maintenance reimbursement is not appropriate.


Accordingly, each homeowner who furnishes power to a community post lamp will be reimbursed annually. The amount will be established by the Board annually and will consider: (1) the wattage of the post lamp bulbs; (2) the PEPCO calculation for one year’s operation (4200 hours) of the bulbs.


The reimbursement shall be sent to the unit owner, except for the units where the power to the post lamp was cut off, and will be diverted for properties in arrears to the outstanding balance.


The number of dwelling units reimbursed as of October 14, 2020 is 227. Several dwelling units are reimbursed for more than one light. Homes where it is determined necessary to gain access to repair a light but access is not granted will not be reimbursed.

Clusters I - 103 units
Coltfield Ct 10
Kindly Ct 15
N. Kindly Ct 9
Stedwick Dr 47
Watkins Mill Dr. 22


Clusters II - 123 units
Cambridge Ct 24
Canadian Ct 18
Capehart Ct 6
Capehart Dr 37
Kardwright Ct 38


Forest Brooke N. - 1 unit
Crested Iris Ct 1


TOTAL: 227

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD

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