Trash and Recyclables Policy


1. Purpose and Background Information


Stedwick Homes Corporation (SHC) sets this policy in order

  • to keep trash and recyclables out of sight from the streets and sidewalks in front of our homes,

  • to keep vermin from eating and strewing trash, and

  • to help our residents to dispose of bulk trash and scrap metal.


SHC contracts with one trash contractor to collect normal household waste on a regular schedule.  This contractor will also make up to four bulk pickups of larger trash items per year if a resident telephones ahead to request these.


The county collects recyclable paper, glass, plastic, small metal objects, and yard waste once per week.  If notified ahead of time, the county will also make special pick ups for large items with more than 50% metal content (e.g., appliances).


It is the responsibility of each Stedwick household to store, deposit and dispose of household trash, other debris, and recyclables in compliance with the following policy and the Montgomery County ordinances.


2. Placement for pickup of normal trash and recyclable containers.


Trash must be placed for pick up in airtight, waterproof containers that are vermin-proof and comply with all county laws.  (In particular, plastic bags, paper sacks, and cardboard boxes are not acceptable containers.) 


Clusters residents place their trash for pick up either in front porch closets or behind screening walls. 


All other residents' trash and everyone's recyclables must be put near the curb or sidewalk no earlier than 7:00 p.m. of the evening prior to the scheduled pick-up day.  Residents whose trash is placed for collection in advance of this time shall be requested to bring their actions into compliance.  Violations, following written notification, shall be subject to a fine, levied by the Board of Directors.  The placement must not be on jut-outs, other common property, nor on the property of another without express permission.   Non-permitted placements on SHC property shall be subject to charges being filed with the Montgomery County Environment Protection Agency, which imposes substantial fines.  Illegal dumping should be reported to the county at 311.


3. Disposal and deposit of bulk trash items or scrap metal recyclables. 


Scrap Metal.  The county will pick up an appliance or other large object with more than 50% metal content on the regular recycling day if a resident telephones (311) at least two days before and asks for a "scrap metal pick up". 


Not Scrap Metal.  SHC's trash contractor will pick up large bulk items on Fridays if the resident telephones before 4:00 p.m. on the day before.  For each recliner chair or sleeper sofa, separate trucks are needed, so there is an extra charge to the resident of $45 (subject to change).  For all other bulk items the first four pick ups each year are free.


Time and Place.  Large items either for county or trash contractor pick up should be placed in the same place that trash is placed, no earlier than the day before the scheduled special pick up. 


If the resident does not arrange for county or contractor bulk or scrap metal pick up, then the resident is required to remove items to an acceptable disposal/recycling site in compliance with county ordinances.  A convenient site is the Shady Grove Solid Waste Transfer Station, 16101 Frederick Road, just south of Shady Grove Road (phone 301-840-2370).  


4. Storage of trash and recyclable containers before placement for pick up


Trash and recyclable containers must be stored (before placement for pickup) out of sight from the street and sidewalk in front of the house.  Placement behind an approved screening wall will be deemed out of sight.


Any trash stored (before placement for pickup) outside of a house or garage must be stored within airtight, waterproof containers that are vermin-proof and comply with all county laws.  (In particular, plastic bags, paper sacks, and cardboard boxes are not acceptable containers.) 


5. Administration. 


This policy shall be administered through the Stedwick Homes Corporation's Officers and/or Agents.  For the purpose of filing complaints, each Officer and Agent shall have the authority to file any and all necessary complaints on behalf of the Stedwick Homes Corporation and with any appropriate Montgomery County agency.

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD