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Trash and Recyclables Policy


1.Purpose and Background Information

It is the responsibility of each Stedwick household to store, deposit and dispose of household trash and other debris in compliance with the following policy and Montgomery County ordinances/code.  Residents shall be responsible for, and adhere to, all trash, recyclable and refuse guidelines provided by the Stedwick Homes Corporation and Montgomery County ordinances/code.


Stedwick Homes Corporation (SHC) sets this policy in order to:


  • Maintain the beauty of our neighborhoods by keeping trash and recyclables out of sight from the streets and sidewalks except for approved collection dates and times,

  • Provide guidance on the proper handling of trash and recyclables, and

  • Assist with the disposal of yard trim, bulk trash and scrap metal.


Residents shall dispose of their normal household refuse and recyclables in compliance with the trash schedule established by Stedwick Homes Corporation and the contracted trash contractor.


SHC contracts with one trash contractor to collect normal household refuse two times per week.  The same trash contractor provides an option for residents to schedule non-metal bulk trash pickup (i.e., sofas, bookcases, carpet, mattresses, bathroom fixtures, single items from minor home repair, etc.) by contacting the trash contractor in advance.


The County collects recyclable paper, glass, plastic, small metal objects, and yard trim once per week. The County provides an option for residents to schedule scrap metal pickup (i.e., large items with more than 50% metal content – metal filing cabinets, appliances, bicycles, exercise machines, fencing, grills, iron railings, etc.) by contacting the County in advance.


Both the trash contractor and the County observe certain holidays and some non-scheduled days (due to inclement weather).  If the scheduled trash pickup falls on an observed holiday, the trash pickup will move to the next scheduled trash pickup date.  If the County is closed, the scheduled recyclable pickup will move to the next work day.


2.Acceptable and unacceptable trash and recyclable containers.

Any trash stored outside of a house or garage must be stored within airtight, waterproof containers (with a lid) that are vermin-proof and comply with all County laws.


Plastic bags, paper sacks, and cardboard boxes are NOT acceptable containers for trash.


Recyclables can be stored in blue bins provided by the County. 


Yard trim can be placed in paper yard trim bags, reusable containers labeled with a yard trim decal, or can be bundled per County guidelines and placed for pickup.  Paper grocery bags or plastic shopping bags are NOT acceptable containers for yard trim collection.


3.Storage of trash and recyclable containers before placement for collection or removed for deposit.

No storage containers for either refuse or recyclables are to be kept in front yards, on stoops or sidewalks, in driveways or in unscreened carports of any unit.  Trash and recyclables must be stored (before placement for pickup) in an acceptable container out of sight from the street and sidewalk in front of the house.


Placement behind an approved screening wall will be deemed out of sight.


4.Storage of trash and recyclables before placement for collection or removed for deposit.

Until the household refuse and recyclables are properly placed for collection or hauled to an acceptable deposit site, all items shall be stored in acceptable containers when stored at the exterior of the residence (outside of a unit, house, or garage).


Townhouses with storage sheds or trash cupboards (i.e., Clusters) are to use these for storing refuse and recyclables until the appropriate collection date.


In the Heights and the Ridges, residents may not store their trash in such a manner that it is visible from the street.  Residents may apply to the MVF Architectural Review Board for a screen or shed to be constructed around a trash storage area.


In Forest Brooke, the covenants prohibit residents from using the driveway or covered parking area or columns “for the purposes of storage, permanent or temporary, of furniture, toys, trash receptacles, litter, or any other personal property” (Declaration and Grant of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, 8.a.).


5.Placement for collection of normal trash and recyclable containers.

All trash and recyclables must be put near the curb or sidewalk no earlier than 7:00 p.m. of the evening prior to the scheduled pickup day, and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled pickup day.  When placed, trash and recyclables must remain in the acceptable containers (i.e., do not remove bags from the containers or leave bags curbside).  Residents whose trash and/or recyclables are placed for collection in advance of 7:00 p.m. of the evening prior to the scheduled pickup day shall be requested to bring their actions into compliance.


6.Disposal and deposit of bulk trash items or scrap metal recyclables.

Scrap Metal. The County will pick up an appliance or other large object with more than 50% metal content if a resident schedules the pickup in advance of the normal scheduled Recyclable pickup.


Bulk Trash (Non Scrap Metal). SHC's trash contractor will pick up large bulk items on a set day of the week if a resident calls and schedules the pickup in advance.  There is no limit to number of pickups that can be requested by a resident.


Time and Place. Large items either for County or trash contractor pickup should be placed in the same place that trash is placed, no earlier than the day before the scheduled special pickup.


If the resident does not arrange for County or contractor bulk trash or scrap metal pickup, then the resident is required to remove items to an acceptable disposal/recycling site in compliance with County ordinances. A convenient site is the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station, 16101 Frederick Road, just south of Shady Grove Road (phone 240-777-0311).


All other items not removed by the trash contractor or by the County recycling program (i.e., paint, construction materials, propane canisters, etc.)  are the sole responsibility of the resident. Residents are required to remove refuse to an acceptable disposal site in compliance with the Stedwick Homes Corporation policy and Montgomery County ordinances.


7.Unapproved Sites for Trash and Recyclable Deposit

Refuse and recyclables are not to be placed on the property of others for collection without the express permission of the property owner where it is to be placed.


Stedwick Homes Corporation does not grant permission to place refuse or recyclables on any community property owned by the Stedwick Homes Corporation – including jut outs, islands, greenspace, etc.  Residents/persons depositing refuse or recyclables on Stedwick Homes Corporation property shall be considered to be illegally dumping, which is punishable by fines imposed by the County not to exceed $500.00.    Residents who witness people illegal dumping or find refuse on common property should notify the MVF Management Office. 



This policy shall be administered through the Stedwick Homes Corporation's Officers and/or Agents. For the purpose of filing complaints, each Officer and Agent shall have the authority to file any and all necessary complaints on behalf of the Stedwick Homes Corporation and with any appropriate Montgomery County agency.

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD

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