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Open Space Usage Policy

  1. Preamble - The Stedwick Homes Corporation (SHC) open spaces are the common property of all Stedwick homeowners. The maintenance and improvement of these open spaces are matters of primary concern to all homeowners and to the Board of Directors, in order that the basic planned-town concept of Montgomery Village may be achieved. The Stedwick area, like other parts of Montgomery Village, is rich in community space and that, generally, most open space ought to remain open.

  2. Open Spaces - SHC open spaces are recognized as moderate or limited play areas. Open spaces are not to be used for organized sports or other activities which are destructive of turf and plantings, or which infringe on the rightful enjoyment of homes and yards by homeowners adjacent to the open space. Special uses, such as family picnics, yard sales, etc. shall require prior approval of the Board, provided that the responsibility for any clean-up and restoration of said open space to its pre-existing condition are clearly defined. Open spaces are not to be used for the parking of vehicles.

  3. Play Areas - Priorities for organized play areas for both children and adults are:
         a. private yards
         b. Community Center pools and tot lots and Stedwick Community tot lots
         c. basketball/volleyball courts
         d. Clubside Park, William Hurley Park, Lake Marion Community Center and Park, Lake               Whetstone Park, North Creek Lake Park, Martin P. Roy Park and South Valley Park
         e. public playgrounds, such as those of the public schools Streets and parking areas are           not safe play areas and should not be used as such.

  4. Responsibility for Pets - Residents' enjoyment of open space, and its availability as a limited play area can be severely limited by illegally unleashed pets or leashed pets that use the greenspace as a convenient repository. It is the responsibility of pet owners to prevent their pets from running loose on the greenspace. A Montgomery County Ordinance prohibits all pet owners from allowing their pet(s) to excrete body waste on property other than their own personal property. Any violation should be reported to the Montgomery County Animal Control office at 240-773-5960.

  5. Personal Use of Open Space - Since open spaces are community property, open space may not be used for vegetable gardens or for other private plantings, except as authorized in advance by the Board. Residents have the right to propose alternate uses, such as specific plantings. When a homeowner or a group of homeowners desire to make some use of the open space that is not covered by this policy, such usage will be permitted only upon written request to the Board in order that adequate consideration may be given to the rights of adjacent homeowners and maintenance of SHC property. Any improvements to open space are to be made only with Board approval

  6. Responsibility of Homeowners - The Board requests the cooperation of homeowners to observe the open space area adjacent to their homes and to help reduce the destruction of plantings, turf, lighting, bicycle paths or other community property. Damage should be reported promptly to the Stedwick Community Manager for action. Specifically, each Stedwick resident and family has a unique obligation regarding open space use; that is, to assure that they and their family contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the Stedwick community.

  7. Enforcement and Penalties - If residents can be identified violating this policy, and damage to open spaces or other community property occurs, the cost of repairing such damage will be assessed by Board action against the offending resident(s), after an opportunity for a hearing before the Board. For those instances where use of open space for any activities infringes on the rightful enjoyment of their homes and yards by homeowners adjacent to such open space, the Board will undertake appropriate action against such offending resident(s), after opportunity for a hearing before the Board.

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD

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