Parking and General Vehicular Rules Policy


The following rules and regulations have been adopted by the Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors to regulate parking and other vehicular matters within the Community. They have been adopted under the authority of the Corporation By-laws (Article IX, Section 1(d)).

This section permits the Board of Directors “to adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the use of Community Properties and facilities and the personal conduct of the Members and their guests thereon…”  These rules also implement and clarify covenants and other restrictions regarding commercial vehicles, private trucks, trailers, boats, etc.

The purpose of these rules and regulations are to promote the safety and welfare of Stedwick residents while preserving and protecting the property values within the community. Furthermore, these rules and regulations have been adopted with sensitivity towards maximizing the efficient utilization of limited community parking.


  1. Permitted Parking – parking of motor vehicles will be permitted within the Stedwick community only at the following locations:
              a. Private Dwelling Units – Vehicles may only be parked within a garage or on the 
                  paved portion of a driveway leading to a garage or carport. Residents are
                  expected to use garages, carports, and driveways when so provided.
              b. Community Owned Property – Vehicles may be parked only on paved portions of
                  Stedwick community-owned private streets and designated parking areas. All
                  vehicles must be parked within curb markings, using only one space per vehicle,
                  where markings are provided.

               c. County Roads and Streets – Vehicles may also be parked on County–owned
                   streets, except where prohibited by County regulations.

  2. Prohibited Parking – At all times, parking of motor vehicles is prohibited in all other locations within the Stedwick community including:
              a. Access Areas – Parking is prohibited in front of bike paths, walkways, within 5 feet               of private driveways, within 30 feet of a stop sign, within 20 feet of a crosswalk at               an intersection, or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.  Residents are permitted to                     contact the tow company and have a vehicle towed if they are parked too close to               their private driveway.  See paragraph 2 of the Towing Policy.

              b. Other Community Properties – No motor vehicles will be permitted to park or                       operate on greenspace (considered to be 2 or more wheels over the curb),                         sidewalks or bike paths within the Stedwick community. These restrictions apply                 to all motor vehicles including “off-the-road” vehicles (as defined in article 27,                     Section 578 of Maryland Code).

              c. Firelanes – No vehicles are permitted to be parked in designated firelanes.

              d. No Parking Areas – No vehicles are permitted to be parked in “No Parking” areas                 designated by Stedwick Homes Corporation. Such areas will be clearly marked                     with signs. Some of these areas may permit parking during certain hours of the                   day.

  3. Restricted Vehicles – The following vehicles are specifically prohibited from parking overnight on community-owned or private property within the Stedwick community. a. Overnight is defined to be ANY time during the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. These vehicles may be permitted if, and only if, consistently kept or maintained within the confines of a private garage or carport and do not create a nuisance to other residents through unusual hours of operation or excessive noise.
              a. Commercial Vehicles – Any vehicle with any type of writing or printing (letters,                     pictures, insignia) other than provided by the manufacturer are prohibited.                       Vehicles which carry ladders, pipes, etc. will be considered commercial vehicles.                   Police and other state or federal governmental vehicles, which do not otherwise                   violate the rules herein, are permitted.

              b. Open Bed Private Trucks – “Open Bed Private Trucks” include all vehicles designed               for the transport of goods or services. The majority of such vehicles are commonly               known as “pick-up trucks”, having an open back and a separate cab, and are                       prohibited regardless of the number of passenger seats in the cab. Trucks with                   caps or camper shells with windows on at least three sides that are approximately               the same height as the cab are permitted. Trucks with matching or black                           manufactured, installed covers over the bed (tonneau covers) at not more than six               (6) inches over bed height are permitted. Trucks with exposed toolboxes are not                 permitted.

              c. Oversized Vehicles – Any vehicle whose maximum exterior dimensions exceed any              of the following is not permitted:
                      - 240 inches long (passenger cars are exempt from this dimension restriction)
                      - 80 inches wide
                      - 90 inches high
                      - Any vehicle with more than four wheels on the roadway is also not permitted.

              d. Trailers – Any vehicle designed to be towed is prohibited.

              e. Campers or Recreational Vehicles – camper or recreational vehicles are restricted                 and are not permitted to park overnight.

              f. Boats – Any device or structure, of any material, designated primarily for use as a                floatation device upon a body of water is prohibited.

  4. Other Restrictions – In order to avoid unsightliness, the following use restrictions are also established.
              a. Extensive repairs – No work or dismantling of vehicles, boats or machinery of any               type (other than routine maintenance and cleaning) is permitted outdoors on                     Stedwick community property or on privately owned property.  Changing oil or                   other vehicle fluids is not permissible on community property. Costs to repair                       damage to parking areas caused by vehicle repair or the discharge of fluids will be               charged to the homeowner.

              b. Unlicensed, inoperable, and stored vehicles – No unlicensed vehicles will be                         permitted to operate or park on private or community property in Stedwick.                         Vehicles must display both front and rear license plates and current registration                   stickers at all times, even if the vehicle is covered.  No inoperable vehicles are to                 be parked for more than 48 hours on community-owned or private property,                       unless garaged.  A vehicle with one or more flat tires, missing parts, or any other                 visible condition which makes the vehicle unable to operate under its own power                 will be considered inoperable. Vehicles must be moved at least every 15 days or                 they will be considered to be stored.  Unlicensed, inoperable and stored vehicles                 will be stickered to notify the vehicle owner of the violation, and may be towed 48               hours thereafter if the violation is not corrected. Homeowners with special                         circumstances may contact the community manager to provide a specific date by                 which the vehicle will be moved.

              c. Vehicles parked over a curb and/or sidewalk – Vehicles parked with two (2) or                    more tires over the curb and/or on a sidewalk may be stickered and subsequently                towed after 48 hours.

  5. Voluntary Reserved Parking – Homeowners of any area in the Stedwick community may petition the Board of Directors to establish their own voluntary reserved parking assignment system. Only one parking space per non-garage/driveway household may be reserved under this plan. Such a petition will be considered under the following conditions:
              a. Written petition – the petition is submitted in writing to the Board of Directors and               includes a diagram depicting the proposed parking configuration, including the                   exact manner in which parking spaces will be marked. Each owner must sign the                 diagram to show approval of the proposed assignment of spaces.

              b. Owner participation – Townhouses with garages and driveways shall be excluded                 from participating in the petition for the assignment of reserved parking spaces.                 All other private dwelling unit owners in the petition areas must be consulted in                   the petition process and be given an opportunity to endorse or decline the plan.                 Two-thirds (2/3) of these homeowners must endorse the plan by signing the                       petition for it to be considered for approval. Petitions are available at the                             Foundation office.

  6. Enforcement Procedures – To implement and enforce these rules and regulations (other than item 5 – Voluntary Reserved Parking) the following procedures are established:
              a. Enforcement – Enforcement of these rules and regulations will be through the                     Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors, or by its officers, agents and                     employees, and by the Montgomery County Police Department and the State of                   Maryland.

              b. Prosecution – Violators of these rules and regulations will be subject to                               prosecution or other legal action, which may be appropriate. In addition, the                       residents may be subject to the loss of Stedwick Homes Corporation privileges as                 determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with applicable articles, by-                  laws and covenants of the Corporation. The Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of               Directors also reserves the right to recover attorney fees and court costs in any                   enforcement action.

              c. Exemptions – Under exceptional circumstances, exemptions to these rules for an                 individual vehicle may be granted. A written request for exemption must be made               to the Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors. Based on the                                 circumstances of the exemption request, a conditional, temporary, and/or                           indefinite exemption may be granted.

  7. Assignment of a Handicapped Parking Space – The following policy established by the Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors reflects the provisions of the Maryland Vehicle Law, Paragraph 21-1005:
              a. A person who has a physical disability may make a written petition to the Board of              Directors for a permit for one (1) reserved parking space.

              b. The Board will consider each petition on a case-by-case basis.

              c. Possession of an automobile “handicap” license is judged to be valid criteria for a                 reserved parking space.

              d. Upon assignment of a reserved space, a sign will be placed with the appropriate                 “Handicap Parking” legend. A normal five-foot post will be utilized and the sign                   will be assigned to the individual and will not remain with the residence.

              e. Residents who violate the reserved handicapped assignment will be referred to the               Montgomery County Police. 

  8. Speed Humps – No traffic calming devices, such as speed bumps, speed humps, or rumble strips, will be constructed on Stedwick Homes Corporation streets.

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD