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Residents' Time Policy

  1. Purpose
    To set aside a specific amount of time at each regular Board meeting for residents and other interested parties to address the Board in person, and in a public forum, and express their views and opinions on the affairs of the Stedwick Homes Corporation and other matters of mutual interest.

  2. Policy
    Residents' Time will be set as the first item on the agenda preceding each regular Board meeting, and will last no more than one hour. At the end of Residents' Time, the Chair will call the Board meeting to order.

  3. Procedure
         a. Any resident (or other party at the Chair's discretion) may address the Board once              during Residents' Time. Persons wishing to speak should sign up on the sheet                    provided for that purpose before the start of the meeting, or request permission to             speak before Residents' Time ends.

        b. Each person will be allowed approximately five minutes to speak. Depending on the             number of persons wishing to speak, the Chair may adjust the time allotted for each           speaker. A person may not yield his/her allotted time to any other person. Should                multiple persons attend the meeting on an issue of mutual interest, the Chair may ask          for a spokesperson from the group.

         c. A summary of all comments during Residents' Time will be included as an attachment           to the Board minutes for that meeting.

  4. Board's Role
         a. The Chair may address an individual’s comments, or allow other Board member to               address the comments as appropriate.

         b. While some limited discussion between the  speaker and the Board may take place, a           lengthy dialogue will be avoided.

         c. The Board may refer comments made during Residents' Time to a committee or to               staff for further review or action.

         d. Unless comments relate to matters already on the agenda, or the Board adds the                 matter to the agenda, the Board will not address the topic at the Board meeting.

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD

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