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Snow Removal Policy


  1. Roadways/parking areas will be chemically treated (i.e., the application of a salt/sand  mixture) when snow accumulation is less than two (2) inches, or when icy conditions make passage on our roads treacherous.

  2. Plowing of roadways/parking areas, on a street by street basis, will commence when snow accumulation exceeds two (2) inches. Initially, one lane on each street will be cleared by the plowing equipment, beginning at one end of the community and working through to the opposite end. Once that has been achieved, the plows will then go back through the community, in reverse order, and broaden the driving lane on each street. Particular attention is given to roads that have steep hills and/or curves.

  3. Residents are responsible for clearing/treating sidewalks in front of or on the side of their homes, according to the Montgomery County “Pedestrian Winter Safety Act of 2001. The Stedwick Homes Corporation will remove snow from sidewalks according to Montgomery County “Pedestrian Winter Safety Act of 2001”.

  4. Bike paths are deemed non-essential thoroughfares and, therefore, are not plowed or treated. Residents are urged to use alternate routes in snowy/icy weather. The use of bike paths is at the residents' own risk.

  5. Residents are to use designated parking spaces only and avoid parking cars too close to corners or street entryways. Snow plows are not agile, and these impediments slow their progress considerably.

  6. Residents who have driveways and/or garages should remove their vehicles from the street so that the plows can clear snow quickly and efficiently.

  7. Residents are not to shovel snow from driveways or sidewalks into streets or adjacent parking spaces.

  8. Snow banks and/or slush in front of driveways are an unavoidable by-product of plowing, and are the residents' responsibility to remove.

  9. In recognition of the fact that the only access to the residential units 10210 through 10218 Wild Apple Circle requires the use of a flight of stairs (more than six steps), the maintenance contractor is authorized to shovel and/or treat as necessary the flight of stairs from Crested Iris Drive that provides access from the parking areas to said referenced units on Wild Apple Circle. This will be done consistent with the other provisions of the Snow Removal Policy

  10. Day to day snow removal decisions are made by the Greenspace Maintenance Chairperson. Snow hotline numbers for residents have been established and are available at web site during the snow season.

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD

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