Trash Storage, Deposit, Collection and Disposal Policy

It is the responsibility of each Stedwick household to store, deposit and dispose of household trash and other debris in compliance with the following policy and the Montgomery County ordinances. Residents shall be responsible for, and adhere to, all trash and refuse guidelines provided by the Stedwick Homes Corporation and Montgomery County ordinances.

1.    Frequency – Residents shall lawfully dispose of their household refuse and recyclables in compliance with the trash schedule established by Stedwick Homes Corporation’s contract with a unified trash contractor.

2.    Storage – Until the household refuse and recyclables are properly placed for collection or hauled to an acceptable deposit site, all items shall be stored within an airtight, waterproof container that is vermin-proof and complies with all Montgomery County laws when stored at the exterior of the residence.  Plastic bags, cardboard boxes and/or paper sacks do not qualify as acceptable storage containers.  No storage containers for either refuse or recyclables are to be kept in front yards, on stoops or sidewalks, in driveways or in unscreened carports of any unit.  Townhouses with storage sheds or trash cupboards are to utilize these for the specific purpose of storing refuse and recyclables until the appropriate collection date. In The Heights, residents may not store their trash in such a manner that it is visible from the street; they may apply to the MVF Architectural Review Board for a screen or shed to be constructed around a trash storage area. In Forest Brooke, the covenants prohibit residents from using the driveway or covered parking area “for the purposes of storage, permanent or temporary, of furniture, toys, trash receptacles, litter, vehicles of any type or any other personal property” (Declaration and Grant of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, 8.a.). Violations, following written notification, shall be subject to a fine, levied by the Board of Directors (which shall be $10.00 per week of violation observed, until such violation is corrected).

3.    Deposit for Collection – Residents shall place household refuse and recyclables out for collection no earlier than 7:00 p.m. of the evening prior to the regularly scheduled pick-up day.  Residents whose trash is placed for collection in advance of this standard shall be requested to bring their actions into compliance. Violations, following written notification, shall be subject to a fine, levied by the Board of Directors (which shall be $10.00 per week of violation observed, until such violation is corrected).

4.    Location of Deposit Sites – Refuse and recyclables are not to be placed on the property of others for collection without the express permission of the property owner where it is to be placed.  To this end, the Stedwick Homes Corporation does not grant permission to place refuse or recyclables on any community property owned by the Stedwick Homes Corporation.  Persons depositing refuse or recyclables on Stedwick Homes Corporation property shall be subject to charges being filed with the Montgomery County Environment Protection Agency, which carries a substantial fine.  Illegal dumping may be reported to Montgomery County by calling 311. 

5.    Disposal – Normal household waste is currently removed by the unified trash contractor.  All other items not removed by the unified trash contractor or by the Montgomery County recycling program are the sole responsibility of the resident. Residents are required to remove refuse to an acceptable disposal site in compliance with the Stedwick Homes Corporation policy and Montgomery County Ordinances.  The most convenient site to dispose of refuse that our contractor(s) will not accept is the Shady Grove Solid Waste Transfer Station; 16101 Frederick Road (nearest to the intersection of 355/Shady Grove Road); phone 301-840-2370. 

6.    Administration – This policy shall be administered through the Stedwick Homes Corporation's Officers and/or Agent.  For the purpose of filing complaints, each Officer and Agent shall have the authority to file any and all necessary complaints on behalf of the Stedwick Homes Corporation and with any appropriate Montgomery County agency.

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD