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Next Meeting of the Stedwick Home Owners Association Board of Directors

The next meeting of the Stedwick Home Owners Association Board of Directors is scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2020 starting at 7:30 p.m.  This will be a virtual meeting.  The first minutes of the meeting are dedicated to the residents.  Residents may voice issues, concerns, questions, and positive feedback during this time.  RESIDENTS WHO WISH TO ATTEND THE VIRTUAL MEETING MUST SEND AN EMAIL REQUEST BY 2:00 PM ON 11/18/20 TO KKODJANIAN@MVF.ORG TO RECEIVE THE LINK NEEDED FOR ATTENDANCE.  RESIDENTS WHO WISH TO ASK QUESTIONS OR COMMUNICATE WITH THE BOARD SHOULD INCLUDE THEIR QUESTIONS AND/OR SUMMARY OF COMMENTS/ISSUES/ CONCERNS IN THEIR EMAIL REQUEST.

Nominating Criteria
To become a candidate for nomination to the Stedwick Board of Directors, submit a written statement of no more than 150 words describing the qualifications, interests and reason for candidacy (why you would like to serve on the Board).  The Board encourages all residents who have an interest in the Stedwick community to submit a statement.  Statements are due to the MVF Office by 5 p.m. on January 4, 2021.  Link to full nominating criteria 

Community Management Report

The latest version of the Community Management Report is now available on this website under the Board Documents tab.  Link to full report

Thrive Montgomery 2050 Vision (NOTE:  For resident awareness)

For residents who are interested, Thrive Montgomery 2050 is Montgomery County's plan to guide future growth and development.  The County is seeking feedback on the Thrive Montgomery 2050 recommendations.  The public hearing is scheduled for November 19, 2020.  Learn more at   

Parking Update

At the October 21, 2020 Board meeting, the Community Manager gave a detailed briefing of the status of parking solutions implemented/to be implemented within other Communities in Montgomery Village.  This included the solution (e.g., stickers, hang tags), an overview of the policy, how many stickers/hang tags per residence, towing enforcement, how assessments were handled, how going into arrears on assessments with a sticker/tag will be handled, and cost.  The Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors will begin working on a draft policy for Stedwick; and will continue to get updates as to how residents in the other communities are adjusting to the parking solution/enforcement.

The Board is soliciting resident input on the proposed parking options (e.g., parking passes, more reserved parking, replacing green space "islands" in the middle of some streets with more parking, etc.).  Residents can use the below form to provide feedback.  Input will be collected and shared with the Board and residents via Board Meetings and this web site.  NOTE:  This is in addition to any other actions by the Board to collect feedback (e.g., a community wide forum on the matter).



















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This link will take you to the homes corporation and condominium association articles.  Once the page opens, scroll down and click on Stedwick Signals.

Parking Proposal Comments

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