News You Can Use (Updated on 06/20/2022)

Vacancy on the Board

The Stedwick Board of Directors is currently in need of a candidate to serve on the Board for a term that has been left vacant.  The term runs through March of 2025.  This is your chance to play an active role in the Community for the benefit of homeowners, residents and visitors.  For more information and what needs to be submitted, please reach out to Martha Cruz, Community Manager, at MCRUZ@MVF.ORG, by July 15, 2022.  We look forward to the perspectives and ideas that new members bring to the Board. 

Parking and Related Policy Update

At the June 15, 2022 meeting, the Board approved 2 amendments to the policies:  (1) To remove the annual renewal clause (annual renewal will not be required); and (2) clarification of the "5 foot" rule to indicate that Security does not sticker cars that are within 5 feet of a driveway, however, the resident/owner can request the vehicle be towed.  The policies are currently being updated with these changes.


The Board also reviewed and commented on the draft letter to be sent to the applicable owners with the draft application for requesting a second reserve parking spot.  The Board requested some revisions to better align the letter with the policy.  The revisions are in process.  It is expected the letter and application will be released and sent within 2 weeks.


Because we are in the process of amending the policies, the Parking and General Vehicular Rules, the Reserved Parking, and the Towing policies have been temporarily removed from the Policies and Community Documents sections of this website.

Trash Disposal 

Click here for a link to a flyer with basic information regarding trash and recyclable pickup.

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Manager (Martha Cruz) via email at MCRUZ@MVF.ORG.

The draft Trash and Recyclables Storage, Deposit, Collection and Disposal Policy was reviewed at the June 2022 meeting.  The policy was approved with amendments.  Once the amendments have been addressed, the policy will be posted.  A Frequently Asked Questions page will also be posted to give owners and residents more information on what is trash, what is non-metal bulk trash, how the trash service handles holidays versus how the County who collects recyclables handles holidays, how scrap metal is handled, how to look up disposal of many items, etc.

Community Management Report

The latest version of the Community Management Report is now available on this website.  Link to full report

Link to the on-line version of the Montgomery Village News

This link will take you to the homes corporation and condominium association articles.  Once the page opens, scroll down and click on Stedwick Signals.

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