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Seeking Candidates for Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors
To become a candidate for nomination to the Stedwick Board of Directors, submit a written statement of no more than 150 words describing the qualifications, interests and reason for candidacy (why you would like to serve on the Board).  The Board encourages all residents who have an interest in the Stedwick community to submit a statement.  Statements are due to the MVF Office by 5 p.m. on January 4, 2021.  Link to full nominating criteria 

Did you know?

That one of the activities of the Stedwick Board is to review the maintenance of and pay for the entry way and path lights.

Leaf Pickup

The final leaf pickup for Stedwick Homes neighborhoods is scheduled for this week - week of December 14th.

PEPCO Replacement Project

You may have noticed construction in the Pepco right of way between Clusters 1 and II, and between Frenchton Place and the Middle School.  This is a PEPCO major replacement/upgrade project.  Several, not all, poles will be replaced with metal poles.  The project will enhance power all the way up to 355 and traveling north.  Panels are being put down as a “carpet” to create a temporary roadway over the grass and protect the greenspace from erosion during the project.  It is slated to take 6 months.

Community Management Report

The latest version of the Community Management Report is now available on this website under the Board Documents tab.  Link to full report

Parking Update

At the November 2020 Board meeting, the Community Manager provided a review of the number of available parking spaces within each Stedwick neighborhood, as well as some initial ideas for implementing 'parking passes'.  The number of reserved parking spaces would increase under this plan.  The proposed plan suggests a maximum number of three parking ‘passes’ per household if there is no garage or driveway. The availability of a garage or driveway would reduce the number of parking ‘passes’ by one for that household, and the availability of a garage and driveway would reduce the number of parking ‘passes’ by two for that household. The proposal would impact households with more than three cars or which have garages that have been converted to living space or are utilized to store things other than cars. Parking privileges for the occupants of households more than 90 days in arrears on their assessments may be reduced.  The possibility of cars from one community parking in another community is an unresolved issue.

Feedback from the County suggests that converting greenspace to additional parking is not a viable option. 

The goal is a reasonably fair and equitable alternative to the current parking 'problem'. This proposed parking ‘pass’ plan is still a proposal at this time, but appears to be the beginning of a reasonable alternative as the Board continues to discuss options, and highlight concerns and issues.  The proposed implementation of any parking plan would not occur before the middle of 2021. 


The Board is soliciting resident input on the proposed parking 'pass' plan.  Residents can use the below form to provide feedback.  Input will be collected and shared with the Board and residents via Board Meetings and this web site.  NOTE:  This is in addition to any other actions by the Board to collect feedback (e.g., a community wide forum on the matter).

















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Parking Proposal Comments

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