News You Can Use (Updated on 06/13/2021)

SHC Board of Directors June Monthly Meeting

The next meeting of the Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors will be on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, starting at 7:30 p.m.  This is a regular monthly Board of Directors meeting and will be conducted virtually.  RESIDENTS WHO WISH TO ATTEND THE VIRTUAL MEETING MUST SEND A REQUEST BY 10:00 AM ON 6/16/21 TO KKODJANIAN@MVF.ORG TO RECEIVE THE LINK AND PASSWORD REQUIRED FOR ATTENDANCE.

Parking Policy Update

At the May 2021 meeting, the Board of Directors reviewed a revised draft policy that did not involve hang-tags, but provided an option for additional reserved parking.  While all homeowners of Stedwick would be eligible, it would be an option and homeowners would not be required to take advantage of the option.  The Board had a number of comments and requested additional revisions.  The Board of Directors will review the revisions.  When the Board has completed its review, posting for review by the Stedwick residents is planned.

PEPCO Replacement Project (on-going)

As part of Pepco’s Supply Line Improvement Plan for Montgomery County, 2.25 miles of distribution lines along the existing Pepco right-of-way between Gaithersburg and Montgomery Village are being replaced to make the lines more resilient. When completed, the project will benefit customers by providing increased protection to the distribution line in Montgomery County and increase the reliability of the overall system.  Click here to read more.

Community Management Report

The latest version of the Community Management Report is now available on this website.  Link to full report

Tree Update

Through two different initiatives, over 200 trees have been planted in Stedwick communities over the past few months.  Trees in the white tubes are reforestation trees (very young) and were planted by JBKline (see the photo on the home page).  The tubes will be removed once the trees are large enough.  The larger trees recently planted are courtesy of our partnership with Tree Montgomery. 

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