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The Stedwick Homes Corporation was incorporated as a non-profit entity in 1967.  The primary purpose of the corporation is to provide for the maintenance of community-owned property and the enforcement of covenants.  All property owners within Stedwick are considered to be members of the homes corporation.

The Stedwick Homes Corporation consists of 1,260 homes in eight sub-divisions: Club Hill, Clusters I, Clusters II, Clusters III, Forest Brooke, Frenchton Places, The Heights, and the Ridges of Stedwick.


All property owners within Stedwick are also members of the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF), which is a nonprofit "umbrella" that consists of other homeowner and condominium associations in Montgomery Village.  The MVF owns and maintains a number of community facilities, located in and around Stedwick, including the Stedwick Community Center and pool, the Watkins Mill rec area (under development), and tennis courts.  

The MVF maintains a full-time Community Manager and additional staff to help the Stedwick Board of Directors conduct day-to-day business.  The Community Manager and staff can answer questions or refer problems concerning Stedwick affairs to the Board of Directors.  The Community Manager's office is located in the MVF administration building.  The MVF also collects assessments, provides bookkeeping and secretarial services for the homes corporations in the Village, and publishes the Village News.


Stedwick was one of the first communities in Montgomery Village and remains one of the largest.  We have a proud tradition of consideration and cooperation in our neighborhoods.  We hope that you will be happy here, and that you will take full advantage of all the wonderful resources, activities, and natural beauties that are available to you and your family.

Stedwick Homes Corporation

Montgomery Village, MD

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